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Miguel Vallejo On Building An Art Community Around NFTs Plus: Twitter And Insta May Integrate NFTs, Israeli President NFT, Wimbledon NFT, And More…

  How can artists collaborate through NFT? What can physical/traditional artists do to adapt as this new art modality is introduced to the world? An NFT Art Community might give you the answers and solutions to both. Miguel Vallejo is... Read More

Max Song & Jon O’Sullivan From Carbonbase On Saving Nature With Blockchain, Plus: Lawyers On NFTs, Error In Web Source Code NFT, Tiger King NFT And More…

  A common factor in some of the highest grossing NFT sales is that they benefit a good cause. That’s great, but often times critics complain that NFT tech accelerates global warming and ruins our earth’s environment. Max Song and Jon O’Sullivan of... Read More

Jonas Seiferth Of Boson Protocol, Building The Future of dCommerce, Plus: World Wide Web Code NFT, JAY-Z Reasonable Doubt NFT, NFT-Powered Digital Comic, And More…

  Boson Protocol is developing the underpinnings of tomorrow’s virtual shopping experience. Physical items will be ordered through virtual marketplaces using decentralized technology. Game theoretic smart contracts will ensure trust and reliability. Amazon won’t be the only resource that can... Read More

Dropping the “Most Sh*ttiest NFT” with Matty Mo, Ara Katz, And Dr. Christopher Mason: What A Highly Polished NFT Turd Can Do for Human Health

  Just when you thought the latest headline-generating NFTs couldn’t get any weirder… Join Matty Mo, Ara Katz, and Dr. Christopher Mason to discuss their “Sh*ttiest” NFT” drop. Matty Mo is the founder of The Most Famous Artist and Ara Katz is the co-founder and co-CEO... Read More

Live from DeFi Summit: The Future of NFTs Panel with Toufi Saliba (Toda.Network), Juergen Hoebarth (Fortuna Digital Custody) & Scottie Siu (Orichal Partners)

Are NFTs here to stay? That’s what we’re going to discuss in this insightful conversation live at the DeFi Summit. Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley & Josh Kriger are joined by guests Scottie Siu, the cofounder of 101 and NFT Social Marketplace Platform; and Toufi Saliba , the CEO of Toda.Network and the author of... Read More

Seth Goldstein Of Bright Moments, The Physical NFT Gallery DAO, Plus: Berkeley Nobel Data NFT, NFT High School Athletics, NFT In Travel, Ikonick Bravado Deal, And More…

  How can you use cryptocurrency in real life? If you’re in Venice, you’ll soon use crypto Venetians from your local NFT Gallery! The show’s guest today is Seth Goldstein, the founder of Bright Moments, a DAO-based NFT Gallery. Seth discusses with Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley &... Read More

Anthem Hayek Blanchard And Austin Davis Of HeraSoft On Security In NFT And Blockchain, Plus: WazirX NFT Marketplace, Chicago Physical NFT Gallery, Paragon NFT Fragmentation +

  Security breaches are a major concern in many industries today, especially now that most work is done from a home-based setting. NFTs aren’t exempt from the concerns, and blockchain security is often under the microscope as well. In today’s... Read More

Ewan Johnson and Andy Stack of Arcturus Studios on NFTs in Volumetric Video and AR, Plus: Quincy Jones NFT Platform, Mark Haines CNBC NFT, Warhol NFT Authenticity and More…

  Are volumetric videos the video tech of the future? The founders of Arcturus Studios seem to think so! Co-founders Andy Stack and Ewan Johnson sit down in this information-packed conversation to tell us all about it. They talk about the origins of... Read More

Simon Kertonegoro of Enjin, NFT & Gaming Innovators & Creators of ERC-1155, Plus: Fox NFT Animated Series, Heisman NFTs, Filipinos Earn on Axie Infinity, RSA NFT Bashing +

  ERC-155 is the only token standard for NFTs today that allows people to create every type of asset, from digital art and gaming items all the way to huge real estate deals. This smart contract changed NFTs forever, and... Read More

NFT Talk with Joel Comm of Bad Crypto on Digital Collectibles And Why They Matter, Plus $17M Crypto Punks Bundle, NFTs on ebay, Boxing NFT & Animoca $1B valuation

  Ever wonder why some people are going crazy over NFTs despite no guarantee of increased value? Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger sit down with Joel Comm to talk all about NFTs, the digital token that has taken... Read More