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SuperWorld is an augmented reality virtual world consisting of more than 64 billion virtual land plots mapped geographically to the actual surface of our beautiful home planet earth. As we speak, bold new pioneers are literally breaking digital ground, snatching up 100m by 100m plots of virtual NFT backed land—land which entitles them to a share of all revenues generated on their SuperWorld plots. This means that as Superworld grows in population and activity you as a virtual landowner can actually earn a share of all advertising, gaming, commerce, analytics, and data associated with your plot. Now that’s pretty awesome.button: “Find Out More” links to
Koii uses Atomic NFTs to build an internet you can truly own. It is a transparent and open-source, and all network data is public. It’s accessible because users can be onboarded without purchasing tokens. It facilitates open & owned content so that when all content is an NFT, anyone can be an owner. It’s eco-eriendly and radual consensus is flexible, so nodes don’t waste energy.button “Find Out More” links to


Bright Moments
Venice, CA’s First real-world NFT Gallery, organized as a blockchain-based Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) with the goal of building a leaderless gallery system. The flagship pop-up gallery includes several large LCD screens; a QR code is overlaid on each NFT so visitors can scan it with their phones to learn about the piece and see the creator’s other works. Bright Moments is regularly featured on episodes of Edge of NFT and Edge of NFT is a member of the exclusive Bright Moments DAO.button “Find out More” links to
Fashionable accessories for the conscious minimalist. Canopy gear is all simplistically designed so the focus is on what you create—not the brad. Use our interchangeable collections on one piece to make it your own. Tell your story effortlessly with the only hat you will ever need.button: “Find Out More” Link:
Floating Piano Factory
Since 2012, Floating Piano Factory has pioneered a unique style of apprenticeship training which allows for clients of virtually any echelon to give their piano the care that it deserves, while at the same time allowing new technicians to learn and grow unencumbered. Among other accolades, the one-of-a-kind project has been lauded in a glowing unsolicited review by the Wall Street Journal as a noteworthy business offering a truly good deal to clients and apprentices alike.button “Find Out More” link:

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