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Edge Of Davos Part 3: Social Impact & ESG Feat. Alex Gordon-Brander (CoDEX Financial Network), Alessa Berg (Top Tier Impact), Jonathan Barry (Earth Trust), & Lori Hotz (Lobus)

  As blockchain slowly takes center stage, major players are curious about the possibilities it brings to the social impact space. Blockchain represents a next step in tech evolution, but this new tech also can contribute to our progress as... Read More

Women In Web3 Unite Through DAOs And NFTs Feat. Nicole Buffett, NFT Gigi, Melanie Plaza & Amy Soon (NFT LA Twitter Spaces)

  DAOs or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are now revolutionizing the ways in which we can build community. There are so many people, especially women, who are stuck on a path they’d like to escape, in search of greater empowerment. Listen... Read More

Tammy Yang Of Numbers Protocol – A Decentralized Photo Network, Plus: Instagram NFTs, Sequoia Backs Magic Eden, Crypto Unicorns Play-To-Earn, And More…

  As NFT makes its way into the mainstream, issues such as the right-click and save of images are bound to arise. In this episode, Tammy Yang introduces a decentralized photo network to help make digital media traceable and verifiable. Tammy is... Read More

Ada Jonuse of Lympo, The First-Ever Sports NFT Minting Platform, Plus: Dog Coin Boom, 1inch Crypto-Themed NFT Series, Doja Cat NFTs, And More…

  Most people have heard that sports stars care about NFTs and crypto but most still don’t understand why. Learn more about NFTs in action as your hosts talk with Ada Jonuse on how she came up with the idea... Read More

Eddie Ibanez On Crypto Zoo, Logan Paul’s NFT Game Of Mating Digital Creatures That Hatch From NFT Eggs

    A new world of technology is coming your way! Today’s guest is Eddie Ibanez of CryptoZoo, an autonomous ecosystem where zoo owners breed, collect, and trade exotic hybrid animals via NFTs. Eddie has an extensive background as a... Read More

Crypto & NFT From OG To Avant Garde With Michael Terpin Of Transform Group & Aspire, Plus: Space Jam NFT, Twitter NFT Group, Notables Partners with CAA, UTA & WME + More…

  NFTs haven’t just appeared out of the blue. Years of background and development have led to the innovations of today. With all eyes on this volatile market, it’s important to understand the background and fundamentals. Michael Terpin joins hosts... Read More

Miguel Vallejo On Building An Art Community Around NFTs Plus: Twitter And Insta May Integrate NFTs, Israeli President NFT, Wimbledon NFT, And More…

  How can artists collaborate through NFT? What can physical/traditional artists do to adapt as this new art modality is introduced to the world? An NFT Art Community might give you the answers and solutions to both. Miguel Vallejo is... Read More