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Robby Yung

  Blockchain games are just one of the many fascinating use cases for blockchain. In this episode, we take a look at the intersection of NFTs and blockchain gaming and see where they converge and complement each other. Hosts Jeff... Read More

Saro McKenna From Alien Worlds On The Journey From Oxford BA/MA To Interplanetary DAOs, Plus: Mekaverse’s 60Mil NFT Sale, NFT Chess Trophy, And More…

  Alien Worlds is the world’s largest NFT game to date, with roughly as many users engaged in this decentralized NFT metaverse as the country of Bhutan has people. Learn how this came to be as Jeff Kelly, Ethan Janney,... Read More

Garrett Minks Of RAIR: “Not All NFTs Are Created Equal” Plus: BohoBones Music License NFTs, RECUR Series A, Epic Hero Battles Game Steals Art, And More…

  NFTs are set to revolutionize streaming content, and RAIR is there at the forefront of this revolution. Designed to solve the thorny issue of digital ownership, RAIR and CTO Garrett Minks are focused on true authenticity, exclusivity, and durability... Read More

Michael Gord Of Metaverse Group On The Digital Real Estate Boom, Plus: Teens Cashing In On NFTs, Louis Vuitton NFT Game, Fortune Mag NFT Sale Update, And More…

  There’s a whole world of NFTs out there you may not have explored yet. Literally. NFT real estate is an emerging market that foresees exponential growth in ROI in the upcoming years. In today’s episode, Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley... Read More

Anthem Hayek Blanchard And Austin Davis Of HeraSoft On Security In NFT And Blockchain, Plus: WazirX NFT Marketplace, Chicago Physical NFT Gallery, Paragon NFT Fragmentation +

  Security breaches are a major concern in many industries today, especially now that most work is done from a home-based setting. NFTs aren’t exempt from the concerns, and blockchain security is often under the microscope as well. In today’s... Read More

Simon Kertonegoro of Enjin, NFT & Gaming Innovators & Creators of ERC-1155, Plus: Fox NFT Animated Series, Heisman NFTs, Filipinos Earn on Axie Infinity, RSA NFT Bashing +

  ERC-155 is the only token standard for NFTs today that allows people to create every type of asset, from digital art and gaming items all the way to huge real estate deals. This smart contract changed NFTs forever, and... Read More