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John Patrick Mullin Of On Building A Globally Compliant Multi-Asset DEX, Plus Scott Yeager Of IPrivata, And More…

  Looking for a token issuance platform that can do it all? Today’s guest might have just the thing for you. John Patrick Mullin is the co-founder of SOMA.Finance, the world’s first globally-compliant multi-asset DEX issuance and lending platform. In this episode, he... Read More

NFT LA collection – Eathan Janney’s Panel On How NFTs Have Turned The World Of Digital Art On Its Head Feat. Justin Aversano (Quantum Art), Nicole Buffett (Metamorpha), Ed Zipco (Superchief), & Lady Cactoid (Art Curator)

  NFTs are changing the world. With everything in flux, can the digital art space be next in the blockchain revolution? Eathan Janney hosts this exciting panel during NFT LA with some top people in the art space: Justin Aversano... Read More

Joel Comm Of PlanetSLY – Limited-Edition Sylvester Stallone NFTs + Barnaby Andersun’s Band NFTs – Democratization Of The Music Industry, And More…

  Blockchain technology has paved a new way for communities to connect. In the entertainment industry, it is shaping a unique space for fans to connect with their favorite artists. This episode’s guest is all about bringing together the fans... Read More

Derek Pankaew Of Mythia – Providing Excellent Intel On What’s Hot In NFTs

  With the world of NFTs changing rapidly, it’s often a race against time to figure out what’s hot and what’s not. Mythia aims to change all that, with a myriad of tools designed to give you the edge when... Read More

Jakub Chmielniak Of Fancy Bears Metaverse On Niftifying Europe With Fanadise And Going From Bored Ape To Fancy Bear

  The NFT space is ever-growing and evolving.  Once, we had apes, but now, the metaverse has unleashed Fancy Bears on us all, and Europe is slowly, but surely getting into the NFT craze. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Josh... Read More

Luke Stokes Of Foundation For Interwallet Operability (FIO) Talks About Consumer Accessible Blockchain And How DACs Are Shaping The Future

  One complaint that is often thrown against blockchain and crypto is its complexity and difficulty of use. With advances in the space, we now have people working on ways to make consumer accessible blockchains for everyone. Jeff Kelley, Eathan... Read More

Steve Aoki & Sohrob Farudi Talk FCF Ballerz Collective, All Things NFT, And More…

  FCF Ballerz Collective is a fan-controlled football league that allows the audience all-access, from selecting plays and players to bragging rights for having tangible contributions to wins. Today’s guests are CEO and co-founder Sohrob Farudi and world-renowned award-winning DJ building a... Read More

Manu Alzuru Of DoinGud – The Creator & Social Impact NFT Ecosystem, Plus: Impact Theory’s MerryModz, NFL NFT Tickets, Decentralized Disney, And More…

  Humanity’s greatest asset is our ability to adapt and evolve for any situation, and our ability to care for others. Social good is part of our collective DNA and the NFT space is responding with projects with heart. Jeff... Read More

Robby Yung Of Animoca Brands On Its Multi-Billion Valuation, Gaming & MADworld, Plus: Coinbase NFT, McDonald’s Big Mac Rubik’s Cube’ NFT, And More…

  Blockchain games are just one of the many fascinating use cases for blockchain. In this episode, we take a look at the intersection of NFTs and blockchain gaming and see where they converge and complement each other. Hosts Jeff... Read More

Saro McKenna From Alien Worlds On The Journey From Oxford BA/MA To Interplanetary DAOs, Plus: Mekaverse’s 60Mil NFT Sale, NFT Chess Trophy, And More…

  Alien Worlds is the world’s largest NFT game to date, with roughly as many users engaged in this decentralized NFT metaverse as the country of Bhutan has people. Learn how this came to be as Jeff Kelly, Ethan Janney,... Read More