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Edge Of Davos Part 3: Social Impact & ESG Feat. Alex Gordon-Brander (CoDEX Financial Network), Alessa Berg (Top Tier Impact), Jonathan Barry (Earth Trust), & Lori Hotz (Lobus)

  As blockchain slowly takes center stage, major players are curious about the possibilities it brings to the social impact space. Blockchain represents a next step in tech evolution, but this new tech also can contribute to our progress as... Read More

Max Song & Jon O’Sullivan From Carbonbase On Saving Nature With Blockchain, Plus: Lawyers On NFTs, Error In Web Source Code NFT, Tiger King NFT And More…

  A common factor in some of the highest grossing NFT sales is that they benefit a good cause. That’s great, but often times critics complain that NFT tech accelerates global warming and ruins our earth’s environment. Max Song and Jon O’Sullivan of... Read More