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Greg Norman Jr. And Michael Simkins Of E11EVEN – The Miami NFT Nightclub, Plus: OliveX Fitness NFT Metaverse, Minecraft Challenges NFT Gamers, And More…

  There are a lot of advantages of the emerging technology of NFT and cryptocurrency. In this episode, we have Greg Norman Jr. and Michael Simkins of E11EVEN, the NFT nightclub in Miami. They share how they are leveraging cryptocurrency... Read More

Jesse Johnson Of Aavegotchi – A Yield-Generating NFT That Doubles As A Digital Pet, Plus: Chris Boundikas Of Quoth – Real-Time NFT Rarities, Search & Authentication

  Do you want to play a fun and engaging digital pet game where you can farm yield-generating NFTs?  It’s Aavegotchi you’re looking for – a community-owned blockchain game. Eathan Janney and Josh Kriger welcome Jesse Johnson, the founder and... Read More

NFT LA collection – Eathan Janney’s Panel On How NFTs Have Turned The World Of Digital Art On Its Head Feat. Justin Aversano (Quantum Art), Nicole Buffett (Metamorpha), Ed Zipco (Superchief), & Lady Cactoid (Art Curator)

  NFTs are changing the world. With everything in flux, can the digital art space be next in the blockchain revolution? Eathan Janney hosts this exciting panel during NFT LA with some top people in the art space: Justin Aversano... Read More