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Julian Rodriguez Of Momento, The Direct-To-Fan NFT Social Network, On Changing The Rewards Ecosystem For Creators

  The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency continues its evolution at a breakneck pace. Even social media will become part of the metaverse, as creators begin a push for an NFT social network. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Josh Kriger... Read More

Digital Lawrence (NFTY Labs) & Shane Lightowler (Euler Beats) @ dCentral Miami & Art Basel

  DCentral Miami has yet again brought well-known NFT enthusiasts together to share their knowledge and experiences with NFT. In this episode, Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, Josh Kriger bring together two great interviews. First they chat with James Lawrence, CEO... Read More

Derek Pankaew Of Mythia – Providing Excellent Intel On What’s Hot In NFTs

  With the world of NFTs changing rapidly, it’s often a race against time to figure out what’s hot and what’s not. Mythia aims to change all that, with a myriad of tools designed to give you the edge when... Read More

Jakub Chmielniak Of Fancy Bears Metaverse On Niftifying Europe With Fanadise And Going From Bored Ape To Fancy Bear

  The NFT space is ever-growing and evolving.  Once, we had apes, but now, the metaverse has unleashed Fancy Bears on us all, and Europe is slowly, but surely getting into the NFT craze. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Josh... Read More

Jenkins The Valet On His BYAC Tell-All Feat. Guest Neil Strauss, Plus: Instagram NFTs, Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT Backlash, Guzzler Car Part NFTs And More…

  Today’s episode features BAYC’s boss butler Jenkins the Valet and bestselling book begetter Neil Strauss. In this riveting session they share how they decided to work together and how each of their identities were born and made. Jenkins and Neil team... Read More

NFT NYC & Dreamverse Part 3: Feat. Jeff Crane (NFT The Movie), Shelly Palmer (The Palmer Group), Lin Dai & Joshua James (One Of), Robbie Heeger (Endaoment) & Sohrob Farudi (FCF)

  Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger bring Edge of NFT to one of the biggest moments in NFT history when thousands assembled in New York for NFT NYC and Dreamers in November of 2021. Listen in as we... Read More

Manu Alzuru Of DoinGud – The Creator & Social Impact NFT Ecosystem, Plus: Impact Theory’s MerryModz, NFL NFT Tickets, Decentralized Disney, And More…

  Humanity’s greatest asset is our ability to adapt and evolve for any situation, and our ability to care for others. Social good is part of our collective DNA and the NFT space is responding with projects with heart. Jeff... Read More

Alexander Salnikov Of Rarible, The Creator Centric Community Marketplace For NFTs, Plus: 5,000+ Attend, Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction NFTs, And More…

  Rarible is a creator-centric, community-governed NFT issuance and marketplace platform that empowers users to buy, sell, or create digital art and collectibles secured within the blockchain. Today’s guest is its co-founder and Head of Product, Alex Salnikov. Alex chats with Jeff... Read More

Ada Jonuse of Lympo, The First-Ever Sports NFT Minting Platform, Plus: Dog Coin Boom, 1inch Crypto-Themed NFT Series, Doja Cat NFTs, And More…

  Most people have heard that sports stars care about NFTs and crypto but most still don’t understand why. Learn more about NFTs in action as your hosts talk with Ada Jonuse on how she came up with the idea... Read More

Crypto & NFT From OG To Avant Garde With Michael Terpin Of Transform Group & Aspire, Plus: Space Jam NFT, Twitter NFT Group, Notables Partners with CAA, UTA & WME + More…

  NFTs haven’t just appeared out of the blue. Years of background and development have led to the innovations of today. With all eyes on this volatile market, it’s important to understand the background and fundamentals. Michael Terpin joins hosts... Read More