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Edge Of Austin 2022, DCentral & Consensus: 2 Panels – Social DAOs: Building Decentralized Communities & Web3 Marketing: How To Build Brands & Communities

  In this episode we share panels that Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger hosted during their visit to Austin TX in June of 2022. We’ll introduce an expert lineup of guests to speak on some exciting developments in niche areas... Read More

Sachi Kamiya & Masha Prusso Of Polygon – Ethereum’s Internet Of Blockchains, Plus: $10 Mil NFT Sale, Twitch’s Game Centric NFT, NFT Search Surpasses Crypto, And More…

  With the ever-growing community of NFTs, Ethereum may no longer be enough. Enter Polygon, an easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Not only is it more efficient than Ethereum but it’s also more economical. Join hosts Jeff Kelley,... Read More