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NFT LA collection – Eathan Janney’s Panel On How NFTs Have Turned The World Of Digital Art On Its Head Feat. Justin Aversano (Quantum Art), Nicole Buffett (Metamorpha), Ed Zipco (Superchief), & Lady Cactoid (Art Curator)

  NFTs are changing the world. With everything in flux, can the digital art space be next in the blockchain revolution? Eathan Janney hosts this exciting panel during NFT LA with some top people in the art space: Justin Aversano... Read More

NFT LA Collection – Arts & Entertainment: Shira Lazar Hosts Avery Akkineni (Vayner NFT), Tammy Yang (Numbers), Mark Radcliffe (DLA Piper), Boy01 (House Of Ye), Rebecca Jonah & Ilona Stepanyants (Aria), Nathan Ginnever (Seker Factory), Wahid Chammas (Faith Tribe)

  We did it! Jeff, Josh and Eathan, along with the huge of Rockstar team members they assembled, just pulled off a stellar inaugural NFT LA event featuring the crème de la crème of Web 3, and leveraging the vibrant... Read More

Ellie Pritts At Bright Moments Gallery Curating An IRL Electric Psychedelia Show, Plus GameStop Stock NFT Saga, DraftKings NFT Marketplace, Steve Jobs’ NFT, And More…

  One aspect of appreciating art that resonates with most people is the experience of going to galleries and seeing the art in person. But with the emergence of NFT, is an in-person gallery possible? The answer is yes. Ellie Pritts is... Read More

Miguel Vallejo On Building An Art Community Around NFTs Plus: Twitter And Insta May Integrate NFTs, Israeli President NFT, Wimbledon NFT, And More…

  How can artists collaborate through NFT? What can physical/traditional artists do to adapt as this new art modality is introduced to the world? An NFT Art Community might give you the answers and solutions to both. Miguel Vallejo is... Read More