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NFT LA Collection – Investment, Impact, Tech & Platforms: Shira Lazar Hosts Tony Chan (Pledge Finance), John Mullin (, Chris Boundikas (Quoth, Inc), Shelly Palmer (CES), Daniel Eilemberg (Lil’ Heroes), Brady Gentile (Hedera), Ivan Ravlich (Hypernet Labs) & Brenda Hua (OP3N, LLC)

  We did it! Jeff, Josh and Eathan, along with the huge crew of Rockstar team members they assembled, just pulled off a stellar inaugural NFT LA event featuring the crème de la crème of Web 3, and leveraging the... Read More

Digital Lawrence (NFTY Labs) & Shane Lightowler (Euler Beats) @ dCentral Miami & Art Basel

  DCentral Miami has yet again brought well-known NFT enthusiasts together to share their knowledge and experiences with NFT. In this episode, Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, Josh Kriger bring together two great interviews. First they chat with James Lawrence, CEO... Read More

Crypto & NFT From OG To Avant Garde With Michael Terpin Of Transform Group & Aspire, Plus: Space Jam NFT, Twitter NFT Group, Notables Partners with CAA, UTA & WME + More…

  NFTs haven’t just appeared out of the blue. Years of background and development have led to the innovations of today. With all eyes on this volatile market, it’s important to understand the background and fundamentals. Michael Terpin joins hosts... Read More