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Steve Aoki & Sohrob Farudi Talk FCF Ballerz Collective, All Things NFT, And More…

  FCF Ballerz Collective is a fan-controlled football league that allows the audience all-access, from selecting plays and players to bragging rights for having tangible contributions to wins. Today’s guests are CEO and co-founder Sohrob Farudi and world-renowned award-winning DJ building a... Read More

NFT Talk with Joel Comm of Bad Crypto on Digital Collectibles And Why They Matter, Plus $17M Crypto Punks Bundle, NFTs on ebay, Boxing NFT & Animoca $1B valuation

  Ever wonder why some people are going crazy over NFTs despite no guarantee of increased value? Eathan Janney, Jeff Kelley and Josh Kriger sit down with Joel Comm to talk all about NFTs, the digital token that has taken... Read More