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Marta Belcher Of Filecoin Foundation – Storing Humanity’s Most Important Information, Plus: P2E Hybrid Expo Asia, Lawsuit Delivered By NFT, And More…

  As much as we know about the NFT space, there is always more to learn. Marta Belcher is the Chair and President of Filecoin Foundation on a mission to preserve humanity’s most important information and create the internet of... Read More

Ian Simon Of Strangeloop Studios, The Web3 Native Record Label For Decentralized Virtual Beings, Plus: Austin 2022 Recap, Decentral & Consensus, And More…

  Especially in this day and age, music has transcended beyond our ears. It is now an entire sensory feast! One great aspect that has helped shape this industry is the visual arts. And in this episode, Jeff Kelley, Eathan... Read More

Edge Of Davos Part 1: Feat. Nitin Gaur (State Street Digital), Shyam Nagarajan (IBM Consulting) & Matthias Ruch (CV VC)

  Coming to you from the Davos Switzerland during the World Economic Forum 2022 conference, the Edge of NFT team brings you engaging interviews with key players in Web3 and beyond. This episode they chat with Nitin Gaur of State... Read More

Matteo Santoro Of SIFT NFT, The Narrative Driven NFT Film

  Narrative-driven NFTs are something that every person in love with art and fiction should check out. Matteo Santoro, one of Hollywood’s leading animators and filmmakers elevates and creates NFTs with narrative in mind. Tune in to explore the world... Read More