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Greg Norman Jr. And Michael Simkins Of E11EVEN – The Miami NFT Nightclub, Plus: OliveX Fitness NFT Metaverse, Minecraft Challenges NFT Gamers, And More…

  There are a lot of advantages of the emerging technology of NFT and cryptocurrency. In this episode, we have Greg Norman Jr. and Michael Simkins of E11EVEN, the NFT nightclub in Miami. They share how they are leveraging cryptocurrency... Read More

Joe Pokrzywa & Jamie Davies Of Izumi World – AR Metaverse, Geolocation & Token, Plus: $48M Dorsey Tweet, Solana On OpenSea, $20M EToro NFT Fund, And More…

  Crypto gaming needs a bridge to get the traditional gamers onboard. Izumi World appears to be that bridge. Izumi is the world’s first AR metaverse that is revolutionizing pop culture through NFT gaming. In this episode, CEO Joe Pokrzywa... Read More

Wahid P. Chammas Of Faith Connexion – The Brand That Is Democratizing Fashion For Creators

  Traditional brands have been far too exclusive. But Faith Connexion is democratizing fashion for creators backed by NFT technology. Today’s guest is Wahid Chammas, Chairman at Faith Tribe. The aim is to build the first fully decentralized collaborative creation... Read More

Jaime Rogozinski (Wall Street Bets), Ayo & Teo, And Gutter Cat Gang Members Gutter Wang & Voxel Blaze (Blaze Games) @ dCentral Miami & Art Basel

  Dive into another episode of exclusives from key NFT tech and culture leaders at DCentral Miami and Art Basel. In this episode, your hosts Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger sit down to interview Wall Street Bets Founder Jaime Rogozinski, musical artists Ayo and Teo, and Gutter Wang and Voxel Blaze (Blaze... Read More

Jakub Chmielniak Of Fancy Bears Metaverse On Niftifying Europe With Fanadise And Going From Bored Ape To Fancy Bear

  The NFT space is ever-growing and evolving.  Once, we had apes, but now, the metaverse has unleashed Fancy Bears on us all, and Europe is slowly, but surely getting into the NFT craze. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Josh... Read More

Sachi Kamiya & Masha Prusso Of Polygon – Ethereum’s Internet Of Blockchains, Plus: $10 Mil NFT Sale, Twitch’s Game Centric NFT, NFT Search Surpasses Crypto, And More…

  With the ever-growing community of NFTs, Ethereum may no longer be enough. Enter Polygon, an easy-to-use platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. Not only is it more efficient than Ethereum but it’s also more economical. Join hosts Jeff Kelley,... Read More

Jenkins The Valet On His BYAC Tell-All Feat. Guest Neil Strauss, Plus: Instagram NFTs, Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT Backlash, Guzzler Car Part NFTs And More…

  Today’s episode features BAYC’s boss butler Jenkins the Valet and bestselling book begetter Neil Strauss. In this riveting session they share how they decided to work together and how each of their identities were born and made. Jenkins and Neil team... Read More

Robby Yung Of Animoca Brands On Its Multi-Billion Valuation, Gaming & MADworld, Plus: Coinbase NFT, McDonald’s Big Mac Rubik’s Cube’ NFT, And More…

  Blockchain games are just one of the many fascinating use cases for blockchain. In this episode, we take a look at the intersection of NFTs and blockchain gaming and see where they converge and complement each other. Hosts Jeff... Read More

DinoMonks, The First NFT Project Focused Solely On Mental Health And Wellness, Featuring Founder Roman Tirone

  It’s been a crazy year so far with the explosion of NFTs and the rise of dGen culture that highlights the merits of decentralization as well as a splash of “degeneracy” just for fun. Hence, the NFT space is ripe... Read More