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Ian Simon Of Strangeloop Studios, The Web3 Native Record Label For Decentralized Virtual Beings, Plus: Austin 2022 Recap, Decentral & Consensus, And More…

  Especially in this day and age, music has transcended beyond our ears. It is now an entire sensory feast! One great aspect that has helped shape this industry is the visual arts. And in this episode, Jeff Kelley, Eathan... Read More

Edge Of VeeCon: Feat. Gary Vee (VaynerMedia), Todd Kaplan (CMO, Pepsi) & Millie Go Lightly (Beautiful Thugger Girls)

  If you either missed the recent VeeCon or you went and are simply missing being there, then you are in luck! In this special episode of the Edge of NFT Podcast, we listen to Jeff Kelley at VeeCon as... Read More