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Robby Yung

  Blockchain games are just one of the many fascinating use cases for blockchain. In this episode, we take a look at the intersection of NFTs and blockchain gaming and see where they converge and complement each other. Hosts Jeff... Read More

VC Yohei Nakajima Discusses PixelBeasts, His 24×24 Pixel Exploration Into NFT Art, Plus: A Bonus Conversation With Creatify CEO, Michael Krilivsky, And More…

  Who says the journey into the world of NFT is lonely? With a great, creative community to explore it with, you won’t have to worry about being alone. Yohei Nakajima took that up a notch and developed a generative NFT collection... Read More

Garrett Minks Of RAIR: “Not All NFTs Are Created Equal” Plus: BohoBones Music License NFTs, RECUR Series A, Epic Hero Battles Game Steals Art, And More…

  NFTs are set to revolutionize streaming content, and RAIR is there at the forefront of this revolution. Designed to solve the thorny issue of digital ownership, RAIR and CTO Garrett Minks are focused on true authenticity, exclusivity, and durability... Read More

Eddie Ibanez On Crypto Zoo, Logan Paul’s NFT Game Of Mating Digital Creatures That Hatch From NFT Eggs

    A new world of technology is coming your way! Today’s guest is Eddie Ibanez of CryptoZoo, an autonomous ecosystem where zoo owners breed, collect, and trade exotic hybrid animals via NFTs. Eddie has an extensive background as a... Read More

DinoMonks, The First NFT Project Focused Solely On Mental Health And Wellness, Featuring Founder Roman Tirone

  It’s been a crazy year so far with the explosion of NFTs and the rise of dGen culture that highlights the merits of decentralization as well as a splash of “degeneracy” just for fun. Hence, the NFT space is ripe... Read More