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Greg Norman Jr. And Michael Simkins Of E11EVEN – The Miami NFT Nightclub, Plus: OliveX Fitness NFT Metaverse, Minecraft Challenges NFT Gamers, And More…

  There are a lot of advantages of the emerging technology of NFT and cryptocurrency. In this episode, we have Greg Norman Jr. and Michael Simkins of E11EVEN, the NFT nightclub in Miami. They share how they are leveraging cryptocurrency... Read More

NFT LA collection – Eathan Janney’s Panel On How NFTs Have Turned The World Of Digital Art On Its Head Feat. Justin Aversano (Quantum Art), Nicole Buffett (Metamorpha), Ed Zipco (Superchief), & Lady Cactoid (Art Curator)

  NFTs are changing the world. With everything in flux, can the digital art space be next in the blockchain revolution? Eathan Janney hosts this exciting panel during NFT LA with some top people in the art space: Justin Aversano... Read More

Joel Comm Of PlanetSLY – Limited-Edition Sylvester Stallone NFTs + Barnaby Andersun’s Band NFTs – Democratization Of The Music Industry, And More…

  Blockchain technology has paved a new way for communities to connect. In the entertainment industry, it is shaping a unique space for fans to connect with their favorite artists. This episode’s guest is all about bringing together the fans... Read More

Julian Rodriguez Of Momento, The Direct-To-Fan NFT Social Network, On Changing The Rewards Ecosystem For Creators

  The world of blockchain and cryptocurrency continues its evolution at a breakneck pace. Even social media will become part of the metaverse, as creators begin a push for an NFT social network. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Josh Kriger... Read More

Derek Pankaew Of Mythia – Providing Excellent Intel On What’s Hot In NFTs

  With the world of NFTs changing rapidly, it’s often a race against time to figure out what’s hot and what’s not. Mythia aims to change all that, with a myriad of tools designed to give you the edge when... Read More

Jakub Chmielniak Of Fancy Bears Metaverse On Niftifying Europe With Fanadise And Going From Bored Ape To Fancy Bear

  The NFT space is ever-growing and evolving.  Once, we had apes, but now, the metaverse has unleashed Fancy Bears on us all, and Europe is slowly, but surely getting into the NFT craze. Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Josh... Read More

NFT NYC & Dreamverse Part 5: Feat. Ilya Abugov (Sanctor Capital) And Alyze Sam & Chris Mills (NFTY Token), Plus: Crypto YouTube Influencer Ryan Matta Interviews Us!

  Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, and Josh Kriger are back for more interviews from one of the biggest weeks ever in NFTs. From to Dreamverse to a slew of parties and events, the first week of November 2021 was... Read More

Jenkins The Valet On His BYAC Tell-All Feat. Guest Neil Strauss, Plus: Instagram NFTs, Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT Backlash, Guzzler Car Part NFTs And More…

  Today’s episode features BAYC’s boss butler Jenkins the Valet and bestselling book begetter Neil Strauss. In this riveting session they share how they decided to work together and how each of their identities were born and made. Jenkins and Neil team... Read More

Yossi Hasson Of Metaversal & Vanessa Grellet Of CoinFund On Finding Value In NFTs Plus: Bored Ape Sells For $3K, 600+ Hr Ghost Recon NFT, And More…

  NFTs are the way of the future in the crypto space. With many chasing the crypto dream, Metaversal and CoinFund are two firms leading the way. In this episode, our hosts Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney, Josh Kriger discuss the nitty-gritty... Read More

Superdoge, The Crypto Animated Series Saving The World From The Fiat Control – Feat. Adam Gilad, Alex Rotaru, Dimitri Villard, Crypto Wendy & Anon Founder

  In this bonus episode recorded live from the Miami Crypto Experience convention Edge of NFT co-host Josh Kriger explores the fun and exciting crypto-comic world of Superdoge. What started as a meme coin has turned into a phenomenon that... Read More