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Dropping the “Most Sh*ttiest NFT” with Matty Mo, Ara Katz, And Dr. Christopher Mason: What A Highly Polished NFT Turd Can Do for Human Health

  Just when you thought the latest headline-generating NFTs couldn’t get any weirder… Join Matty Mo, Ara Katz, and Dr. Christopher Mason to discuss their “Sh*ttiest” NFT” drop. Matty Mo is the founder of The Most Famous Artist and Ara Katz is the co-founder and co-CEO... Read More

Anthem Hayek Blanchard And Austin Davis Of HeraSoft On Security In NFT And Blockchain, Plus: WazirX NFT Marketplace, Chicago Physical NFT Gallery, Paragon NFT Fragmentation +

  Security breaches are a major concern in many industries today, especially now that most work is done from a home-based setting. NFTs aren’t exempt from the concerns, and blockchain security is often under the microscope as well. In today’s... Read More