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Jesse Dylan And Walter de Brouwer Of Snowcrash – Premier NFT Trading Platform Unifying Tech, Artists & Innovation, Plus: Spottie Wifi’s “Full Set” NFTs, And More…

  What opportunities are there for musical artists and entertainers in the NFT space? Here to answer that are today’s guests, Jesse Dylan and Walter de Brouwer of Snowcrash. Snowcrash is a premier NFT trading platform that brings together diverse... Read More

Marta Belcher Of Filecoin Foundation – Storing Humanity’s Most Important Information, Plus: P2E Hybrid Expo Asia, Lawsuit Delivered By NFT, And More…

  As much as we know about the NFT space, there is always more to learn. Marta Belcher is the Chair and President of Filecoin Foundation on a mission to preserve humanity’s most important information and create the internet of... Read More

Edge Of Austin 2022, DCentral & Consensus: Brady Gentile (Hedera), Mike Krilivsky (NFTpay), And Jay Chang (Genopets)

  Today’s episode features Brady Gentile from Hedera Hashgraph, the enterprise-grade public network for decentralized applications. Brady talks about what he does at Hedera and what’s happening in the space. Returning to the show is Mike Krilivsky, the CEO & Co-founder at NFTpay,... Read More

Edge Of NYC, June 2022: Mike Mongo (Astronaut Teacher) Is Going To Space With Uplift Aerospace!

  NFTs are taking over space. Coming to you from NFT NYC Week are your hosts Eathan Janney and Jeff Kelley together with special guest Mike Mongo. Mike is an astronaut teacher and author of The Astronaut Instruction Manual. He has been... Read More

Tammy Yang Of Numbers Protocol – A Decentralized Photo Network, Plus: Instagram NFTs, Sequoia Backs Magic Eden, Crypto Unicorns Play-To-Earn, And More…

  As NFT makes its way into the mainstream, issues such as the right-click and save of images are bound to arise. In this episode, Tammy Yang introduces a decentralized photo network to help make digital media traceable and verifiable. Tammy is... Read More

Luke Stokes Of Foundation For Interwallet Operability (FIO) Talks About Consumer Accessible Blockchain And How DACs Are Shaping The Future

  One complaint that is often thrown against blockchain and crypto is its complexity and difficulty of use. With advances in the space, we now have people working on ways to make consumer accessible blockchains for everyone. Jeff Kelley, Eathan... Read More

Dropping the “Most Sh*ttiest NFT” with Matty Mo, Ara Katz, And Dr. Christopher Mason: What A Highly Polished NFT Turd Can Do for Human Health

  Just when you thought the latest headline-generating NFTs couldn’t get any weirder… Join Matty Mo, Ara Katz, and Dr. Christopher Mason to discuss their “Sh*ttiest” NFT” drop. Matty Mo is the founder of The Most Famous Artist and Ara Katz is the co-founder and co-CEO... Read More

Anthem Hayek Blanchard And Austin Davis Of HeraSoft On Security In NFT And Blockchain, Plus: WazirX NFT Marketplace, Chicago Physical NFT Gallery, Paragon NFT Fragmentation +

  Security breaches are a major concern in many industries today, especially now that most work is done from a home-based setting. NFTs aren’t exempt from the concerns, and blockchain security is often under the microscope as well. In today’s... Read More