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John Patrick Mullin Of On Building A Globally Compliant Multi-Asset DEX, Plus Scott Yeager Of IPrivata, And More…

  Looking for a token issuance platform that can do it all? Today’s guest might have just the thing for you. John Patrick Mullin is the co-founder of SOMA.Finance, the world’s first globally-compliant multi-asset DEX issuance and lending platform. In this episode, he... Read More

NFT LA Collection – Investment, Impact, Tech & Platforms: Shira Lazar Hosts Tony Chan (Pledge Finance), John Mullin (, Chris Boundikas (Quoth, Inc), Shelly Palmer (CES), Daniel Eilemberg (Lil’ Heroes), Brady Gentile (Hedera), Ivan Ravlich (Hypernet Labs) & Brenda Hua (OP3N, LLC)

  We did it! Jeff, Josh and Eathan, along with the huge crew of Rockstar team members they assembled, just pulled off a stellar inaugural NFT LA event featuring the crème de la crème of Web 3, and leveraging the... Read More

Tammy Yang Of Numbers Protocol – A Decentralized Photo Network, Plus: Instagram NFTs, Sequoia Backs Magic Eden, Crypto Unicorns Play-To-Earn, And More…

  As NFT makes its way into the mainstream, issues such as the right-click and save of images are bound to arise. In this episode, Tammy Yang introduces a decentralized photo network to help make digital media traceable and verifiable. Tammy is... Read More

Jack O’Holleran Of SKALE Labs – Bringing The Power Of Ethereum To Billions Of Users + Announcing: Edge Of AE – Building, Partnering And Investing In The Edge Of Web3

  Many great tech ideas come out of necessity as opposed to great vision. This is what CEO and co-founder of SKALE Network, Jack O’Holleran, realized. Recognizing the blockchain scalability problem, Jack used his passion for decentralized systems to fuel... Read More

Derek Pankaew Of Mythia – Providing Excellent Intel On What’s Hot In NFTs

  With the world of NFTs changing rapidly, it’s often a race against time to figure out what’s hot and what’s not. Mythia aims to change all that, with a myriad of tools designed to give you the edge when... Read More