Future of Tech

This show stands out as one that’s not just about fun but covers technically sophisticated facets of the industry and brings guests that are going to change the game over the long term. Listening, I feel like an insider in... Read More


Through this podcast I learned that NFTs extend far beyond this limited definition, into directions that are changing our future. In one episode after the next you meet NFT pioneers who are doing astounding things with NFTs. If you are... Read More

Great Informative Podcast

I really enjoy the Edge of NFT podcast! So far the podcast has been very informative and helpful in the early booming industry of NFT. Can’t wait to see who they interview next!... Read More

This is a MUST LISTEN!!

These guys are the real deal, basically, a MUST listen for the crypto space!! Also – they keep it energetic and fun! I can’t get enough of this podcast!... Read More


I used to think that an NFT was a way of using the block chain to create the equivalent of a digital watermark that could prove an image or animation was a one-of-a-kind. Through this podcast I learned that NFTs... Read More